Geoff's Tour
A Journal of My Bicycle Touring

Hi!  I'm Geoffrey Meredith and this is a chronicle of my bicycle activities.

I'm currently preparing to "race" in the 2018 Tour Divide that begins on June 8, 2018.  You can follow the race here: Look for the GM bubble on the tracker!  You will likely see me towards the tail end of the race. You can also see the history of my progress on the race.

Between May 20, 2012 and September 16, 2012, I rode a bicycle from Vancouver, BC to St. John's, NL.

This website contains journal entries, photos, and other tidbits of my journeys.

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The header image was taken by an anonymous photographer as I was climbing up towards Rogers Pass from the west. He ran into me in Golden later that day and gave me the picture.