Geoff's Tour
A Journal of My Bicycle Touring

Journey Notes

(posted on 20 May 2012)

We had a slow start yesterday. It took considerably longer to get VanGo filled with all of the stuff that we wanted to take on the trip. In fact, I left before that work was done and Rochelle completed the task.

I got on my bike about 11:30am and started heading east. It was already starting to rain lightly so I dressed for rain. As it turns out, I didn't quite dress for what was to come. By the time I reached Burnaby, it was raining heavily. The rain seemed to get heavier as I travelled east.

The rain was so bad that I couldn't check the map on my phone as often as I would have liked and I ended up making a wrong turn in Surrey and didn't notice this until I was half way to the US border. Luckily I noticed this just at #10 highway and took that directly to Langley.

Rochelle and I had planned to meet in Langley but it took Rochelle longer that we thought to complete the packing so we decided to meet in Abbotsford instead. She caught up to me just west of Abbotsford. We stopped, had a meal and I tried to dry out a bit. My original plan was to get to Chilliwack, another 37km or so past Abbotsford but it was getting late and I was not having much fun in the rain so we decided to stay in Abbotsford for the night.

Here is the day's route. You will notice that it is missing the last bit into Abbotsford so it was actually 81 km. That is because my phone got wet in the sealed "waterproof" pocket of my rain jacket. I've mostly been able to revive it except for the 4 buttons on the bottom. It's almost impossible to use an Android phone without these buttons so I think that my phone is toast. I will have to start thinking about how to replace it. So the next few days won't likely have an Endomondo track or real-time location information until I can either repair my current phone or replace it.

Today's goal is Hope, BC. It's about 90 km. Plenty long enough for what is shaping up to be another heavy rain day.