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Our Supporters

We would like to sincerely thank the following friends, family, colleagues, and businesses for their support (financial and otherwise) of our trip:

  • Bonnie Meredith & Ron Robertson
  • John & Katya Grayson
  • Awilda & Hart Verdejo-Eichberg
  • John & Vanessa Grayson
  • Leah Meredith & Jodi Hooper
  • Heather Harriman
  • Rasheeda & Troy Bibbs & Family
  • Linda McColm & Family
  • John & Roselyn Ellis
  • Warren & Jackie Ellis
  • Lois Harriman
  • Michelle Clement & Family
  • Barry & Verna O'Neill
  • Roz McNulty
  • Jan Kietzmann
  • Andrew Jackson
  • Jim & Sherry Udall
  • Nancy Leggett-Bachand and family
    (for vansitting "VanGo" and treating ALL of us so well incl. Rogers Cup courtside tickets! :-)
  • Garth Palanuk
    (ArtSites Artist)
  • Robert Coulter
    (ArtSites Artist)
  • Barb & Tony Van Ee
    (for selling us "VanGo")
  • Home Depot Abbotsford
    (for the free WiFi)
  • Walmart Abbotsford
    (for the free camping and best campground convenience store EVER! ;-)
  • Frieda & Lyle Martin
    (for being such great hosts, ArtSites supporters, & for showing us around lovely Salmon Arm!)
  • Susan Elkins
    (for supporting ArtSites, and for the wonderful and surprising morning send-off in Canmore, AB)
  • Walmart Medicine Hat
    (for the free camping and best campground convenience store EVER! ;-)
  • Linda and Ryan at Canadian Tire
    Automotive Dept., Moose Jaw

    (Thanks so much for looking after VanGo so well! He's a much happier camper now (literally) with his spiffy new radiator hose! :-)
  • Margaret Switala
    (for supporting ArtSites, and for the wonderful lunch and conversation in Winnipeg!)
  • Bob Sidof and Brett Rocha
    Continental Car Service, Winnipeg

    (They special ordered (and held!) the cable that got VanGo's sliding door working properly again! They provide amazing customer service and if you're ever in Winnipeg and need car support, I highly recommend them!!
    Thanks, Bob and Brett! VanGo is literally a very happy camper again! ;-)
  • Bob and Derek
    Sears Auto Centre, Grand Forks, ND

    (For taking a look, trying to fix VanGo, and not charging us! Also, for the great referral to Braaten's Auto Service)
  • Craig, Kevin & Chris
    Braaten's Auto Service, Grand Forks, ND

    (For taking care of VanGo, installing a new water pump, and cleaning up several small engine issues! They were great - very helpful and informative, courteous, and patient!)
  • Walmart Grand Forks, ND
    (for 3 NIGHTS of free camping and best campground convenience store EVER! ;-)
  • Rod, Craig & Antoon
    American Cycle & Fitness in Sterling Heights, MI

    (They were incredibly helpful, generous and accomodating in repairing and getting me new parts to keep my bicycle on the road. If you are ever in the area, I would highly recommend stopping by!)
  • Al & Vince
    Al's Auto in Medway, ME

    (For installing a new vacuum hose and getting us to Fredericton, NB!)
  • Gunther & His Crew
    Gunther Repair & Service in Fredericton, NB

    (I was thrilled to meet a fellow German from Hanover, who had been working on VW Wesfalias for eons! Thanks to Gunther, his son, and the entire crew for getting VanGo back on his "feet" and ready for the rest of the trip! If you're ever near Fredericton and need assistance with your VW Van, Gunther's "the guy" ;-) 

If you would also like to donate to Geoff's / Artsite's TransContinental Bike Tour, there are three ways you can contribute:

Donate to the Canadian Cancer Society
We are hosting a corporate fundraiser to support the mission of the Canadian Cancer Society. The money raised from this campaign helps fund leading-edge cancer research that is improving cancer treatments, preventing cancer and saving lives; provide reliable and up-to-date information on cancer, risk reduction and treatment; offer vital community-based support services for people living with cancer and their families; and advocate for healthy public policies. 

Please help us reach our goal of $1,000 by
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Donate Directly to Geoff's Tour
Your generous donations will be used to offset our trip expenses, such as gas, campground fees (when we're not staying in Walmart Parking Lots ;-), and meals. In exchange, we will send you a personalized picture of a vista or experience that made us think of you! You will also be included in our own List of Supporters above recognizing everyone who has made this journey possible. We very much appreciate any help (monetary or even just a warm meal ;-) you can provide and thank you so much for your generosity!


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