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Journey Notes

(posted on 18 Aug 2012)

We are getting ready to head to the Halifax airport to pick up our goddaughter. We will be showing her (and ourselves) around Atlantic Canada until she heads home on August 25. There won't be any more blog posts until then.

Yesterday morning we managed to get VanGo to Gunther's Auto Repair in Fredricton, MB. He was running better than yesterday evening but not much better. While the shop looks pretty rough, Gunther is the goto guy for old VWs in the area. He listened to the engine for a bit, fiddled some and said that he thought the issue was one of two sensors. So the sensors were ordered and will be in on Monday.

We absolutely had to be at the Halifax airport this morning so instead of hanging out in Fredricton until VanGo was fixed, we rented a car yesterday, packed a bunch of stuff into it from VanGo and headed for Halifax.

A very helpful person in the Amherst, NS "Welcome to Nova Scotia" center gave us some really good tips for the week and got us a good room near the waterfront in Dartmouth (across the harbour from Halifax) at a reasonable price.

We still have to figure out our schedule for the week of touring as well as fit in a return trip to Fredricton to pick up VanGo when he's ready.

Assuming al works out, I will be back on the bike again on Sunday August 26. Expect more blog posts at that time.