Geoff's Tour
A Journal of My Bicycle Touring

Journey Notes

Today was a hard day. It started off with a light rain and head winds. The rain got heavier and the the wind got stronger all day. I was soaked through after about 30 minutes and stayed very wet all day. I think the remains of hurricane Isaac.

There were parts of the route where I had to ride on the Trans-Canada highway. It had a good shoulder but rain and wind made it particularly unpleasant. The last stretch that I was on had wind gusts that I think were about 60 km/h.

I met up with Rochelle several times to get out of the rain. I even stopped at a mall were there was a covered corner that allowed me to just get out of the rain. Over a longer stretch, I was following an old highway that was likely replaced by the Trans-Canada highway. It ran through 3 underpasses under the Trans-Canada and I "camped out" in each one for a bit so I could use my phone and just drip for a while.

We had a campground picked out for tonight but it turned out to be closed for the season. Walmart where we come!

Tomorrow is looking a bit better. Less rain and the winds will come more from the southwest instead of east southeast as they were today.