Geoff's Tour
A Journal of My Bicycle Touring

Journey Notes

It was a pleasant day riding the back roads heading up the St. John River. It was quite warm and sunny. Highway 105 was a relatively rough paved road. I couldn't ride too fast due to the roughness but it was still nice as there was little traffic.

We met up in Grand Falls, NB and had lunch there. That was about 70 km into the ride.

The last 20 km was on highway 255 and was about the same quality as highway 105. It had some really deep river valleys and with long hills getting out of them. In this last section, I started to see rain clouds in the distance. They quickly caught me but I didn't get very wet.

We are staying at a Motel/Campground that had a pool. We got in a quick swim before dinner. Heavier rain started in the middle of dinner and is expected on and off all night. Tomorrow is looking rainy too.

Tomorrow will be along highway 17 to Campbellton, 144 km away. There are very little services between here and there so I'll have to cover that distance on a rainy day. Should be fun!