Geoff's Tour
A Journal of My Bicycle Touring

Journey Notes

I was back on the bicycle today. It was a short 60 km ride from Woodstock, NB to Clearview, NB. We drove into the area from Nova Scotia this morning and I didn't get on the bicycle until about 2:30pm.

Both my speedometer and my GPS on my phone failed so the distance is an approximate that comes from Google Maps. In the first 500 meters, going down a steep and bumpy hill one of my two remaining rear flashing red lights broke and skipped and bounced down the road. I had three at one time and now I'm down to one.

It was about 28C when I got started. It always seems harder to start in hot weather than to ease into it from a relatively cool morning. The ride followed the very nice St. John river along the western edge of New Brunswick. There was one really spectacular and very long covered bridge that crosses it. I missed that and only had a glimpse of it from a distance. I did cross the river at another point where the bridge was partially a covered bridge.

That bridge was in Florenceville, "The French Fry Capitol of the World". I didn't see any evidence of this claim.

We have come to a nice little campground on the St. John River. It was supposed to be an early day but as usual, I am writing this post after 10pm and all of my other tasks have been mostly completed. I still need to figure out where I am going tomorrow. In general we are heading to New Richmond, Quebec in about 3 days to visit with my many relatives that live in that area.

VanGo got fixed last week and we picked him up on Wednesday. He still is not quite up to what he was before the last problem. Power is not as good (it was already really bad) and the gas mileage has gotten a lot worse. It would be nice to take him in again but we would likely be forced to make another week long break and that's only if we could find a mechanic willing to work on him. I think that we will just have to limp along as best as we can.