Geoff's Tour
A Journal of My Bicycle Touring

Journey Notes

Today was a very pleasant day on the road. It was almost all nicely paved roads with good shoulders and very little traffic. It was quite warm and humid but that's nothing new.

There were a lot of rolling hills. Many of the hills were just of the right size and spacing that I could get a good bit of speed built up doing down one hill and managed to carry enough of that speed plus a little of my own effort, to get to the top of the next hill, where it all starts again. I quite enjoy those kinds of hills.

We stopped in a nice little town call Unity for lunch and parked in the post office parking lot. We met George there and he told us a lot about the town and area and invited us to attend the Common Ground Country Fair in September.

As I was leaving town, I came across a pottery place that had this display on the lawn. Know any hobbits that need a new home?

When I reached Bangor, my energy was pretty drained. I've been slowly removing the few carbohydrates that I take in each day and I think that I may done that a little too fast today. The last little bit to our "campsite" (a Walmart) was pretty slow and I was extremely tired by the time I saw VanGo. It didn't help that Google Maps sent me to Lowes first.

In the parking lot tonight are 2 motorhomes, an extremely long trailer, a fifth-wheel trailer and a total of 3 Westies! That's the most operational Westies I've seen in one place all trip. We also met with Thomas, one of the motorhome owners, who told us some fascinating stores about his travels. Here is his website.

Tomorrow should be our last full day in the US as we head towards Mattawamkeag, ME. This is looking much more like wilderness country. It is also possible that telecommunications might be an issue so if there is no blog tomorrow night, you know why!